Everything Alpaca Holiday Sale, up to 40% Off Site Wide

Our Luxury Knits are 100% All Natural Alpaca

Everything Alpaca Holiday Sale, up to 40% Off Site Wide

Providing Superior Comfort, Softness and Durability

Mt. Caesar Alpaca Socks


Made With


The Highest Alpaca Fiber Content



Providing Perfect Temperature Control


And Therapeutic Qualities For Your Feet

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Sweaters and Outerwear



Made of 100% Pure Baby Alpaca


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Luxuriously Soft, Stylish, Durable



From Gloves, Hats, Neck Gaiters,

Scarves and Mittens

to Outdoor Socks and Apparel

Mt Caesar’s Brand Offers

The Highest Alpaca Content

for the Ultimate in

Warmth and Comfort

Mt. Caesar Alpacas Socks Are Made With The Highest Alpaca Content To Deliver All The Benefits Of Alpaca
Mt. Caesar Alpacas Men's Royal Alpaca Knitwear Is Supremely Soft and Comfortable and Perfectly Suited for Business Casual Wear
Mt. Caesar Alpacas Blankets and Throws are Made Of 100% Baby Alpaca Fiber
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Mt. Caesar Alpacas Commitment To Sustainability

Mt. Caesar Alpacas Commitment To Sustainabillity


Mt. Caesar Alpacas is committed to the sustainability of our planet.  We use only ethically sourced materials in our designs.  Our ALPACA products are all natural, made exclusively with 100% natural alpaca fiber which is grown and shorn annually, primarily by small family farmers in the Peruvian Highlands.

Natural fibers are of major economic importance to many developing countries and vital to the livelihoods and food security of millions of small scale farmers and processors, including 120,000 alpaca herding families in the Andes.  By choosing natural fibers you boost the sector’s contribution to economic growth and help fight hunger and rural poverty.

Peruvian Shepherd Watches Over Her Flock Of Alpacas



Comfort Focused Fashion.  Functional Fashion.  These are the new hot trends now that so many of us are working from home.  We’re working more independently than ever, but we’re still engaging with co-workers and clients on Zoom calls, WebX and with our Microsoft Teams.  Success at work and in our careers still means we need to look professional and pulled together, but we don’t necessarily want to adorn ourselves with uncomfortable suits, dresses and skirts.  We want comfort, and we need function as we navigate this new hybrid world of working from home, and some, who are at the same time supporting children.

 The solution?  Beautiful, luxuriously soft and comfortable knits made from sumptuous baby alpaca fiber.  At Mt. Caesar Alpacas our special knitting techniques, which have developed over years in the design and production business, along with supreme baby alpaca fiber deliver the ultimate in lux comfort.  Our garments are knit to the highest standards as investment pieces that will last several seasons.  But, they won’t break the bank, either.

 Alpaca fiber is unique among all natural and man-made fibers.  Over the centuries it has developed a hollow core, which serves to insulate alpacas from both cold and heat in extreme weather conditions, where temperatures can fluctuate dramatically over the course of just one day.  This unique fiber keeps alpacas comfortable and does the same for you, when you wear our pure alpaca clothing.

 At Mt. Caesar Alpacas, other than in our sock line, we never incorporate man-made synthetics into our garments.  And there are good reasons for this.  Pure baby alpaca fiber and royal alpaca fiber, which are the highest quality and finest alpaca fibers grown, are buttery soft and smooth.  And by using this pure natural fiber exclusively in our garments, our clothing maintains the natural insulating characteristic of the fiber, thus keeping you comfortable – not too warm and not too cool – all day long.

 Alpacas are never harmed for their fiber.  Their fiber grows and is shorn annually, sorted, cleaned, and then spun into luxurious yarns, for production into our products.  The alpacas are revered and are lovingly cared for by small family farmers throughout the Andes Mountains of Peru.

 I encourage you, if you haven’t done so already, to try one of our knits.  You’ll look great and feel great on those Zoom calls, all while feeling good that you’ve supported the artisans and farmers in the Peruvian Highlands who raise these very special and beloved animals.