What Is 100% Pure Baby Alpaca Fiber

What Is “Pure” Baby Alpaca Fiber?

Baby Alpaca Is Simply A Classification Of Alpaca Fiber

What is meant when we say our alpaca sweaters, scarves, gloves and mittens are made with “Pure” Baby Alpaca Fiber? “Pure” means that 100% of the fiber used in making the garment is Baby Alpaca Fiber. Synthetic fibers such as acrylic or rayon are never used.

Why Pure Baby Alpaca Fiber?

Alpaca fiber is extremely soft.  “Baby Alpaca Fiber” is the softest and finest fiber derived from alpacas. It does not come from baby alpacas, but is a classification of alpaca fiber. After shearing, experts sort the fiber into different fiber classifications, and baby alpaca is the finest and softest fiber that comes from the fleece of the alpaca. When you wear a garment made with baby alpaca, you can feel the difference in softness as compared with one made from other classifications of alpaca fiber, such as “super fine”.

Baby Alpacas

When you purchase Mt. Caesar Alpacas Knitwear,
you can be confident that the content is 100% pure Baby Alpaca fiber.

Baby Alpaca Drinking Water

Characteristics Of Alpaca Fiber

 Alpaca fiber also has a hollow core. This hollow core acts as an insulator against the heat and the cold. It has developed naturally over the centuries and is what enables alpacas to survive in the harsh climate of the Andes Mountains. This hollow core provides perfect temperature control. You will be warm, but not hot in an alpaca sweater. And, depending on the weight of the sweater, alpaca sweaters can be worn year round.

Unlike synthetic fibers, Alpaca fiber is extremely durable, and it is another reason why we do not use synthetic fibers in our garments. It is a common misconception that synthetic fibers make sweaters and other garments more durable. In fact, the opposite is true. Synthetic fibers are less durable than alpaca fiber. Synthetic fibers also cause “pilling”, or the forming of little balls of fiber on the textiles.


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