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Over the years, raising these gentle animals has brought continuous joy to our family.

The alpaca’s three-chambered stomachs allow for extremely efficient digestion. Because there are no viable seeds in the manure, alpaca manure does not need composting to enrich pastures or ornamental landscaping. Alpacas have only lower teeth at the front of their mouths; therefore, they do not pull grass up by the roots.

Adult alpacas are about 36″ tall at the withers and generally weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. They are gentle and easy to handle and can be pastured at 5 to 10 per acre.

The joy, ease of care and potential profitability of raising alpacas has attracted people from many walks of life to become owners and breeders. Some raise alpacas for fiber, some as a business, still others, an enjoyable pastime. Regardless of the reason, raising these gentle animals brings endless pleasure to one’s life.


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