Alpaca Fiber

Luxurious Baby Alpaca Fiber

Silky Soft…Yet A Powerhouse In Comfort!

Alpaca fiber is one of the finest natural fibers in the world. It is silky soft and lustrous, and comes in 22 natural colors.

Alpaca fiber has a hollow core. This allows the fiber to breathe and is why it is so comfortable. The hollow core in alpaca fibers trap pockets of air which act as insulators against both cold and heat.

“Mount Caesar Alpacas exclusively uses baby alpaca and royal alpaca fiber – the highest quality and softest fiber – in all its products.”

Alpaca fiber wicks moisture from your skin. This keeps you comfortable during even the most rigorous activities. The moisture wicking characteristic of alpaca fiber, means you won’t get blisters when wearing alpaca socks. The temperature regulating property of alpaca blankets provides a more comfortable and sounder sleep.

Because alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, it is naturally hypoallergenic.

A Fiber You Can Wear All Year!

Alpaca fiber is the only natural fiber that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Alpaca fiber is sorted into different fiber classifications. The two highest quality alpaca fiber designations are Baby Alpaca and Royal Alpaca. This fiber does not come from baby alpacas, called crias, but is the fiber with the smallest micron count. Baby Alpaca and Royal Alpaca are sumptuously soft, and far superior to other fiber classifications such as “Fine”. Mt. Caesar Alpacas only uses Baby Alpaca and Royal Alpaca in the production of its products.