We Promote These Values

Protecting Our Earth

Earth Friendly

Alpacas are naturally hypoallergenic and free of lanolin, which means harsh chemicals are not required during processing. The fiber comes in 22 natural colors and often remains un-dyed, but it can also accept plant dyes very well, which don’t irritate skin or cause pollution to the earth.
Alpacas are raised in humane conditions and don’t need pesticides to control bugs and disease associated with overcrowding, which helps protect our watershed.

Creating a positive effect on the lives and communities in developing contries.

Fair Trade

We work directly with farmers, knitters, weavers, and other artisans to produce alpaca products. Your decision to buy our products helps advocate equitable practices for the production and manufacture of goods.

Practicing cruelty-free methods


Alpacas are raised in loving environments and are treasured throughout the world. Shearing is done once a year and is necessary for their good health. Their luxurious fiber is all natural and comes from thousands of years of sound breeding practices – not genetic engineering.