What Makes Mt. Caesar Alpaca Socks Special?

Our Alpaca Socks Are Made From The Highest Quality Alpaca Fiber And Have The Highest Content
Alpaca Socks

Alpaca Socks – Is Content Important?

“Absolutely, the content of Alpaca Socks is crucial to the performance of the socks! “

Alpaca fiber is unique among all natural and synthetic fibers. It has developed over thousands of years to maintain the temperature control of alpacas in their natural environment of the Andes Mountains, which can be harsh and have extreme fluctuations in temperature, even on a daily basis.

The unique property of alpaca fiber is its hollow core. This core traps pockets of air which act as an insulator against cold and heat. This hollow core helps regulate the temperature of alpacas and of us, when we’re wearing alpaca clothing, and socks.

The hollow core also serves to “Wick” or remove moisture from our skin. Have you ever noticed that alpacas rarely choose to be inside? They prefer to be outside even in the midst of a snow or rainstorm. Their fiber keeps the moisture away from their skin and keeps them dry, toasty and warm, even during severe storms.

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Alpaca socks serve the same purpose for us. It’s the best fiber for athletes and non-athletes because it wicks moisture away from the skin, keeps our feet at the proper temperature, and prevents blisters.

Testimonials from customers include avid runners who perform in every kind of weather.

“These are the only socks that keep my feet dry, and don’t give me blisters!”

And Hikers…

“We spent a week hiking the White Mountains last spring where it seemed to never stop raining. I was the only one in my group that didn’t have blisters and had warm, dry feet. Thank you for making such awesome alpaca socks!”

Yes, Content Is Important!

Mt. Caesar Alpacas has the highest content of alpaca in its socks. A small amount of synthetic fibers are blended with the alpaca for ease of care and fit. Our socks will not shrink in the wash, are durable, and fit beautifully.

Our Pinnacle Brand Of Alpaca Socks Has Been Perfected With Over Fifteen Years Of Experience Creating The


Alpaca Socks

They’re Great For The Earth And Great For Your Feet!