A Jubilant March on the Farm.What a treat to come upon the first bluebird of the season, perched high upon a white pine. He was a vivid blue with a rusty breast, and was on the edge of the field watching for his next meal, or perhaps he was just enjoying the sun and the 70 degree temperature…as was I. Taking photographs for a promotion, I came upon him. The other birds were singing their spring songs, the stream was running due to the thaw, and the alpacas were feeling warm, still in their winter coats. I put their hay out under the trees, so they could stay a bit cooler and relax in the shade. It will be shearing time before you know it. But for now, it’s time for the fields to be renewed…time for the compost to be spread and seed to be sown…and time to enjoy a bit of warmth, after a long, cold winter.

“Let the fields be jubilant and everything in them…..”

This is also the time of year when we are feverishly working on new designs. It takes several months to bring a new design to market. Patterns are developed, prototypes are knit, evaluated, reworked, knit again, and when all the details have been perfected, finally brought into production and to the market.

Thus, it is a time for renewal. Renewal of the fields, of our line, and of mind and body. And, enjoying the birds in the fields, the farm and the warmth of the spring day brings it forth.