Women’s Alpaca Sweaters

Our Fall 2019 line of Women’s Alpaca Sweaters takes its inspiration from nature and combines the gorgeous colors of our New England fall to mix and match with the 22 natural colors of alpaca.

Each piece is hand-dyed in exquisite colors including the berry of the Silky Dogwood tree or the deep plum of wild Concord grapes. We’ve incorporated the colors of maple leaves in the fall, the silver tipped field grass and the Claret color of the Beebalm along with colors of Rose Flox, and Blush Hydrangea.

“The Rich Colors of a New England Fall: in Nature and Women’s Alpaca Sweaters.”

Our line includes updated classics in flattering and comfortable styles. Nearly each one can be dressed up for a special event, or worn with your most comfortable pair of jeans.

Our pullovers are made to pair with our Baby Alpaca Cardigans and Jackets for extra coziness, comfort and style. And the entire line is exquisitely knit by artisans in 100% pure baby and royal alpaca. Each piece being sumptuously soft, cozy, durable and easy to care for.