Pure Alpaca, Stuffed Bunny


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This stuffed bunny is so adorable! It is 100% handcrafted and oh, so soft and fuzzy!

Being handmade, each of our stuffed animals is 100% unique with a lot of character. No two are exactly the same. Many of our customers buy them as collectibles.

This particular bunny is a rich, chocolate brown color. His long ears flop with cuteness to the side and he has a sweet, friendly expression. He measures approximately 9 inches tall.

Stuffed animals are made from alpaca pelts. Working with the pelts is very difficult; the hides are very tough. Our stuffed animals are created by some of the best artisans in Peru who take great pride in their craft. Each section of the stuffed animal is a piece of pelt, lovingly and expertly hand-stitched together.

Alpacas are never harmed in the creation of these stuffed animals. When alpacas die from natural causes, great care is taken to make sure all of the animal is used. The pelts are made into unique creations such as these.

Taking care of your stuffy is easy. Just use a wet cloth to wipe clean, if needed. Use a standard, bristle hair brush to re-fluff.