100% Pure Baby Alpaca Cable and Rib Handwarmers


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Exquisitely knit from 100% pure baby alpaca yarn, these handwarmers are buttery soft and warm. What does “Pure” mean? It means we use only the finest all natural alpaca yarn in our products. We never add any synthetic fiber.

Because our products are “Pure”, they are warmer and softer on your skin, and better for the environment. And, because there is no synthetic fiber, they last for a long, long time.

Alpaca fiber is also softer and warmer than wool, and a true luxury. Knit in a cable pattern on the front and ribbed on the side, for the perfect fit.

Our handwarmers are ideal for wear inside or out and are stylish and practical. Keep your fingers free for texting, driving, shopping and more.

Handwarmers also make a great, and much loved gift! Total length from top to bottom is 10.5 inches.

Available colors: Silver Grey.


Knit from 100% pure baby alpaca yarn with no synthetics.
Soft, warm and hypoallergenic.
All Natural.
7 inches long from tip of the finger to the bottom of the wrist.


Our handwarmers are easy to keep clean.  Simply hand wash them in cool water with a mild soap or dish detergent, wring out excess moisture and lay flat to dry.  Alpaca naturally repels dirt, so your alpaca products will need minimal cleaning.

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Silver Grey


One Size Fits Most