100% Pure Alpaca Super Warm Double Knit Gloves




Super warm and soft, these are the gloves you’ve been looking for!  Our double knit gloves are hand knit from thick, 100% Pure Baby Alpaca yarn for buttery softness and warmth and comfort.  Alpaca is several times warmer than wool.  The hollow core of it’s fiber traps pockets of air which insulates against the cold. Synthetic fibers like nylon and acrylic provide no insulating properties, which is why we use only 100% pure alpaca fiber in our gloves.


Knit from 100% pure baby alpaca yarn with no synthetics.
Soft, warm and hypoallergenic.
All Natural and sustainable.


Our gloves are easy to keep clean.  Simply hand wash them in cool water with a mild soap or dish detergent, wring out excess moisture and lay flat to dry.  Alpaca naturally repels dirt, so your alpaca products will need minimal cleaning.

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