Pure Baby Alpaca Hooded Sweater Jacket


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This is one of my go to favorites for keeping me cozy and warm all winter long!  Even in the cold temperatures of NH, when we’re in single digits, I can pair this jacket with one of our other alpaca sweaters and be super warm outside while not having to deal with the bulkiness of a wool coat or ski jacket!

Our Hooded Sweater Jacket is beautifully knit from 100% Pure  Baby Alpaca Yarn.  We made our hooded cardigan with a seamless double knit hood so the right side of the hood is shown whether you wear the hood on your head or down as shown.  Other styling details include:

A special knit stitch for texture and added warmth.

Relaxed shoulders for comfort and style.

Pockets to keep hands warm, hold keys and more!

Ribbing on cuffs, front placket and bottom band.

Knit from 100% Pure undyed Baby Alpaca in a beautiful grey, the actual color of the alpacas.  Completely All Natural.

Because our hooded sweater, or hooded jacket is made from 100% alpaca with no synthetics, it provides perfect temperature control, whether you wear it inside or out.


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