Pure Alpaca Socks Made From 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn

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You asked and we answered!  Our Pure Alpaca Socks are made from 100% Pure Baby Alpaca Yarn.  That’s right.  There is absolutely no synthetic fiber in these socks!  They are knit to perfection and Supremely Soft and Cozy.  Our Special Knitted Calf Ribbing stays in place without putting pressure on your legs.

The Pure Alpaca Fiber provides perfect temperature control and enables these socks to be worn year-round.

Because there is no synthetic fiber in these socks, they need just a bit of extra care.  We recommend washing them in the sink with just a bit of shampoo and laying them out to dry.  They can be put in a laundry machine on the hand wash/gentle, cool cycle, but should be air dried so they don’t shrink or felt.

Available In Natural Cream, Natural Rose Grey (Brown with Flecks of Grey), Black, Teal Green, and Rose Quartz.

Made from the natural color of the alpaca fiber, our Pure Alpaca Socks in Cream and in Rose Grey are undyed and totally environmentally safe and sustainable.


  • Knit from 100% Pure Baby Alpaca Yarn
  • The cream socks are all natural and undyed.
  • Wicks Moisture and Provides Perfect Temperature Control
  • Sustainable and Good for the Environment


Women’s:  Small fits to size 6 1/2; Medium: 7 – 9 1/2; Large: 10 – 12 1/2; XL 13+

Men’s:  Medium: Small 3 – 5 1/2; Medium 6 – 8 1/2; Large 9 – 11 1/2; XL 12 – 14 1/2

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small, medium, large, XL


Women's, Men's


All Natural Rose Grey (Brown with Flecks of Grey), All Natural Undyed Cream, Black, Rose Quartz, Teal